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• Corpus of Spanish Emblem Books

• The Golden Age of European Emblematics

• Emblems of Wither & Rollenhagen

• Alciato, Emblemata. Critical Edition

• Emblems of the Society of Jesus

• Renaissance Books of Imprese

• Baroque Repertories of Imprese


• Hieroglyphics

• Animal Symbolism

• Mythographies


• Renaissance Numismatics

• Complete Works of Hubert Goltzius

proverbial wisdom

• Erasmus’ Adagia. Versions and Sources


• Covarrubias, Tesoro de la lengua española

complete works

• Baltasar Gracián

Treasures of Kalocsa

• Book of Psalms
MS 382, c. 1438


2. The Golden Age of European Emblematics

Presentation by David Graham

THIS CD CONTAINS the complete edition of all the emblem books described by Arthur Henkel and Albrecht Schöne in their Emblemata. Handbuch zur Sinnbildkunst des XVI. und XVII. Jahrhunderts. From its initial appearance, this work has been an indispensable point of departure for the study of emblematic literature. Unfortunately, the Handbuch eliminated the prose commentary of the titles included, texts that are vital for their correct comprehension.

The complete edition of these books fills this lacuna and provides a new point of reference. As is the case for other CDs in Studiolum, the texts are carefully and completely transcribed, respecting the apperance and configuration of the original copies. Beyond the possible linear reading of each book, texts and images are interconnected in a rich web of relations, parallels, concordances and annotations, which allows the user to trace any idea, quotation or symbolic element.

We do not repeat here those books already edited in CDs 1, 3 and 4 of Studiolum (Spanish Emblem Books, Wither & Rollenhagen, and Alciato). But we do add others no less important, but missing from the selection of Henkel-Schöne: those of Boissard (Theatrum vitae humanae, 1596), Bruck (Emblemata moralia e bellica, 1615), Cats (Silenus Alcibiadis, 1618), Faernus (Centum fabulae, 1600), and Vaenius, (Emblemata Horatiana, 1607).

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Titles included:

• Alciato, Andrea, Emblemata (Augsburg 1531)
• Aneau, Barthélemy, Picta poesis (Lyon 1552)
• Bèze, Théodore de, Icones & Emblemata (Geneva 1580)
• Bocchi, Achille, Symbolicarum quaestionum libri V (Bologna 1555)
• Boissard, Jean-Jacques, Emblemata (Frankfurt 1593)
• Boissard, Jean-Jacques, Theatrum vitae humanae (Frankfurt 1596)
• Bruck, Jacobus, Emblemata moralia et bellica (Strasbourg 1615)
• Bruck, Jacobus, Emblemata politica (Strasbourg 1618)
• Camerarius, Joachim, Symbolorum & emblematum centuria (Nuremberg 1590-1604)
• Cats, Jacob, Emblemata moralia et aeconomica (Rotterdam 1627)
• Cats, Jacob, Proteus ofte Minne-beelden verandert in Sinne-beelden (Rotterdam 1627)
• Corrozet, Gilles, Hecatongraphie. (Paris, 1543 [primera ed. 1540])
• Coustau, Pierre, Pegma (Lyon 1555)
• Custos, Raphael, Emblemata amoris (Augsburg 1622)
• Faernus, Gabriel, Centum fabulae (Leiden 1600)
• Haechtanus, Laurentius, Mikrokosmos: Parvus mundus (Antwerp, 1579, in German: Frankfurt, 1619)
• Heinsius, Daniel. Het Ambacht van Cupido (Leiden 1595)
• Holtzwart, Mathias, Emblematum Tyrocinia (Strasbourg 1581)
• Hooft, Pieter Corneliszoon, Emblemata amatoria (Amsterdam 1611)
• Hulsius, Bartholomaeus, Emblemata sacra (1631)
• Isselburg, Peter, Emblemata politica. (Nuremberg, 1640 [first ed. 1617])
• Junius, Hadrianus, Emblemata (Antwerp 1565) and the fifth edition, augmented (Antwerp 1585)
• La Perrière, Guillaume de, La Morosophie (Lyon 1553)
• La Perrière, Guillaume de, Le Theatre des Bons Engins (Paris 1539)
• Lebeus-Batillius, Dionysius, Emblemata. (Frankfurt 1596 [illustrated second edition)
• Mannich, Johann, Sacra emblemata (Nuremberg 1624)
• Montanea, Georgia, Monumenta emblematum Christianorum virtutum (Frankfurt 1619, ed. in seven languages)
• Pers, Dirck Pieterszoon, Bellerophon, of Lust tot Wiisheit (Amsterdam, c. 1641 [first ed. 1614])
• Reusner, Nicolas, Aureolorum emblematum liber (Strasbourg 1591, second edition, augmented)
• Reusner, Nicolas, Emblemata partim ethica, et physica, partim vero historica & hieroglyphica (Frankfurt 1581)
• Sambucus, Joannes, Emblemata (Antwerp 1566), and the fourth edition, augmented (Antwerp 1584)
• Schoonhovius, Florentinus, Emblemata (Gouda 1618)
• Sperling, Hieronymus, Paridi iudicium (Augsburg c. 1740)
• Taurellus, Nicolaus, Emblemata physico-ethica (Nuremberg 1595) second edition, augmented (Nuremberg 1602)
• Passe II, Crispyn de. Thronus Cupidinis. (Amsterdam 1630) second edition, augmented
• Vaenius, Otho, Amorum emblemata (Antwerp 1608)
• Visscher, Anna Roemers, Zinne-Poppen (Amsterdam 1620) third edition, augmented
• Zincgreff, Julius Wilhelm, Emblematum ethico-politicorum centuria (Heidelberg 1619)



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