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• Alciato, Emblemata. Critical Edition

• Emblems of the Society of Jesus

• Renaissance Books of Imprese

• Baroque Repertories of Imprese


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• Animal Symbolism

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• Renaissance Numismatics

• Complete Works of Hubert Goltzius

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• Erasmus’ Adagia. Versions and Sources


• Covarrubias, Tesoro de la lengua española

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• Baltasar Gracián

Treasures of Kalocsa

• Book of Psalms
MS 382, c. 1438


Bibliography of Hispanic Emblematics

This bibliography is designed to offer assistance to those who wish to broaden their understanding of emblematic literature in general; but, in particular, it is meant to complement and keep up to date those bibliographical aspects related to our CD Spanish Emblem Books. Complete Edition. Therefore we have gathered here what we hope to be an exhaustive collection of all critical references having to do with Spanish emblematics, as well as abundant complementary materials.

Searches are conducted on the basis of individual words. Studies and texts can be located by a search that utilizes an author’s name (Saavedra, Horapollo…) or by a pertinent key word (jesuitas, alquimia, memoria…) even when these words might not figure explicitly in the bibliographical citation. Since this tool is by definition linked to Spanish culture, it is currently functional only by introducing terms in Spanish. However, we will soon add the ability to conduct searches in English as well.

We encourage users to explore our bibliography by trying alternative searches until you hit upon a term that yields the desired results, and we certainly welcome and appreciate your suggestions, corrections or new entries that you would like to see added.

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• 5.4: RSA: A Recapitulation

• 4.4: DVD edition of Covarrubias, Tesoro de la lengua española

• 18.3: Treasures of Kalocsa, Vol. 1: Psalterium MS 382



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Sancho Panza and the Turtle

An Encounter with the Inquisition

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Sancho Panza and the Turtle

An Encounter with the Inquisition

Phoenix on the top of the palm tree

Canis reversus

His Master’s Voice

Virgil’s best verse

To eat turtle or not to eat it

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• Bibliography of Hispanic Emblematics

• Horapollo, Hieroglyphica 1547

• Alciato, Emblemata 1531

• The Album Amicorum of Franciscus Pápai Páriz

• Ludovicus Carbo, De Mathiae regis rebus gestis (c. 1473-75)

• Epistolary of Pedro de Santacilia y Pax

medio maravedí

Texts and Studies of Medieval and Golden Age Spanish Literature